Having two grandmothers from Naples, there was no way I could avoid good food.

Angelina and Nutziatta always loved to cook. They knew how because they fed my 22 aunts and uncles all the time. I think those two great Napolitana women rarely ventured out of the house. Their food was always fresh – lots of fish and chicken – with so much flavor. And the spices they used – always fresh – basil, rosemary, garlic and parsley. The sauces, I remember, were light and tasty, nothing heavy. The pizza from their kitchen had a thin crust, and they filled it with fresh tomato sauce or chicken or anything they could think of. The others we ate were imported and made with the finest semolina wheat. These ladies never knew about nutrition, and the motto at our table was “No big plates or small portions.”

Chipper and I decided to get in touch with the 22 aunts and uncles to get those great recipes for the Market City Caffe. It was no easy task since Angelina and Nutziatta speak no English. Samson Pastron (Chipper’s grandfather) helped us with the interior decorating since he was in the grocery business all his life.

The design for all the produce you see displayed here is his. He wouldn’t let us forget the 100% extra-virgin olive oil either, the balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto, the California cheeses and the finest and freshest produce available. Sal, Jr’s Grandfather and my father, Salvatore Louis, is always by our side. Market City Caffe, is truly a gift of love from our entire families to you. - Salvatore Casola, Sr

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